Bake-Sale Fundraising Tips

Bake-Sale Fundraising Tips

Everyone loves a fun fundraiser that lets them get stuck in to raising money for charity – that’s why we’ve decided to put together some of our best planning tips to help you organise a tip-top event.

Spreading the word

This is a fantastic way to make money because it doesn’t cost a lot to set up and run. The planning is down to you, you get to decide the location, the time and the value of your delicious baked goodies.

A successful bake sale is all down to great planning and impeccable timing. Planning raises awareness, a few weeks before the fundraiser takes place send out some irresistibly intriguing and taste-bud teasing emails to spread the word about your event, followed up by a strategic social campaign.

Promoting your event online means that you have the power to time each post to perfection:
Time your social posts just before meal times to make sure you grab the attention of your followers and increase the excitement and anticipation for your event.
Post content surrounding the event regularly to make sure you retain interest.
Encourage those participating in your bake sale to raise awareness for the charity and your event on their premises with posters and flyers.

A great British cake-off

From traditional Victoria sponge’s to flamboyant rainbow cakes, baking competitions are a great way to raise money for charity and ensure that you’re getting as many people involved as possible.

No matter how ambitious your contestants are with their recipes, as long as the cakes are edible, they’re sellable. However, a few Mary Berry inspired culinary delights wouldn’t go amiss, so encourage the good, the bad and the truly outrageous creations at your fundraiser.

Pricing up your sumptuous snacks

Establishing the right cost of each cake is key to a successful charity cake sale. For instance, you don’t want to make the fatal error of setting the price of smaller cakes too high; this will be an instant turn-off for buyers.

Instead, value each cake according to size, therefore the larger the slice, the more money you should charge. With this method, you’ll see increasing sales and hopefully plenty of people turning up to your stand.

Let your supporters know how their money will be spent

At the end of your inevitably fantastically successful event, make sure to thank everyone who has donated to the cause and those who spent time whipping up wonderful cakes, as well as revealing the winners of any competitions you’ve hosted along the way.

As we know – Caketober is all about Forever Manchester. Don’t forget to round-up your fundraiser, reiterate just what it is all this hard work has been for by letting the participants and donators know what an incredible difference their generosity has made to someone’s life.

The easiest way to do this is to post about the charity on your blog and social media profile, keeping the awareness going even after your event has come to close.

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