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We couldn’t have asked for a better start for Caketober this year with Adam Recruitment kicking it off raising a total of £226.28. There day was really successful with them inviting people from all around Manchester to go to their offices for a bake sale. They embraced all elements of Caketober by baking, dressing up and raising money for an awesome Manchester based charity.

“Caketober for us represented a brilliant opportunity to do something fun and engaging where everyone could get involved. Plus who doesn’t love cake? For 2 years now we’ve thrown an open office bake sale where we invite Manchester businesses to come in, feast on our (mostly) homemade baked goods. Our efforts have raised hundreds of pounds and raised odd questions about our fancy dress choice” – Adam

Then on the 6th I Will If You Will raised £120 when they set up camp in Castle Leisure Centre trying to catch people after they had been burning calories to put them back on. They all had the same excuse ‘if it’s for a good cause then why not’ but we won’t complain as the money can help build up the Manchester community.

I Will If You Will

“It was lovely for the team to change physical activity into baking activity for such a worthy cause. Our table of cakes in reception proved to be a success, with many people coming to the leisure centre and stopping by to make a donation. To raise £120 is just fantastic and we hope we’ve inspired other people to get involved with Caketober” – The I Will If You Will team

Orchard also had a great day on the 9th October running round their building selling cakes to different offices on a ‘cake trolley’ and raising £156. The table was full of cakes at the start of the day and by mid afternoon everything was gone, the cakes must have been mega yummy! We didn’t see any fancy dress but we think they are saving that for a blow out with Caketober 2015!


“Caketober is a a win-win for us. It has proved that raising money can be really easy and a great laugh. Our team had so much fun, and we’ve helped a fantastic charity.”  – Orchard

Orchard and Formisimo both had their Caketober day on the 9th, and both did smashing. Formisimo had a great day, as you can see in the picture they are also embracing the fancy dress side of Caketober – which we love! Formisimo gathered their shipmates (colleagues) and raised £108.


“Caketober literally brings together three of the coolest things it’s possible to do in an office; eat cake, dress up as a Monkey and raise money for a great cause” – Tom New

OBI had an awesome day on the 13th raising £47.70 by selling their cakes in the entrance of their offices. We take our hats off to them, those cakes do look amazing.


“Caketober is a great way to give something back to the community of Manchester. As a team we all came together to bake cakes and sell in our office reception to raise money. All the cakes looked great! It was a very successful and thoroughly enjoyed day by all. “ – OBI Property

“Last year Caketober raised nearly £4,000 and this year we’re hoping to better that. With the incredible efforts already we’re on course to do this and we’re really looking forward to seeing colleagues, friends and family coming together and reconnecting over a brew and a cake to raise money to support community groups in their area” – Forever Manchester

There is still time for you to take part in Caketober! Get your team together, choose a date in October and sign up at http://www.caketober.com/how-to-take-part/

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