Get the look – flawless fancy dress fashion

Get the look – flawless fancy dress fashion

Everyone has a different reaction when they hear that work is putting on a fancy dress event: some raid their wardrobes as soon as they get home to find last year’s Mickey Mouse ears, some spend the weekend scouring Primark for their very best onesies and some shudder at the thought of spending extra cash for a work do.

But if you don’t want to use last year’s outfit, you don’t want to buy a new onesie or you don’t want to splash the cash – don’t panic! Here at Caketober we are the fancy dress experts and we have come up with the best ways you can create fun DIY outfits that will make you stand out from your colleagues…

Get the Paints Out

It isn’t always about the outfit, sometimes a bit of good brushwork will turn you into the best dressed employee in the room. Everyone loves to get the face paints out and pretend to be a child again – so why not give it ago? What’s more, it’s loads of fun to do with friends (if you trust them to paint something nice on your face, that is.)

Super cheap and available in most craft shops, kids shops and big supermarkets, face painting is one of the easiest ways to pimp up your fancy dress outfit. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, browse through some of our favourite face painting ideas!

face paint

It’s All About Crafts

You don’t have to order the best fancy dress outfits on Amazon or buy the most expensive pieces from your local fancy dress shop – sometimes it’s much more fun and much cheaper to make your own outfit!

Some people love to grab a cardboard box from the supermarket, paint their favourite food or drink label over the front (check out this guy in the milk carton!), make two arm holes and wear their favourite food or drink packet!

Alternatively, learn from the cookies below – draw your favourite food onto a piece of cardboard attach a piece of string and throw it around your neck – simple but effective. By dressing as your favourite baked goods you will also fit in with the theme of Caketober…you will just have to remind your colleagues that you’re not for sale – or for eating for that matter.


Keep it Simple

Sometimes, less is more. Everyone loves to see an elaborate fancy dress costume but the simplest ideas are often the funniest and the ones that stand out the most. Check out these old timers with their rollers in and their cardigans on. But they aren’t old ladies, they’re a group of 20-somethings in an amazing but simple fancy dress costume. So if you have some rollers at home, make sure you use them for your next fancy dress event.

keep it simple

Simple costumes are often the best. Why not put on some huge specs and dress as a nerd? Or don your bed sheet and dress as a Holy Roman Emperor (providing it’s not too chilly that is)? Your outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be one of the best in the room.

Get the Look: You’re Worth It

If you love fancy dress and you love cake (and who doesn’t?) find out about how you can get involved in this year’s fantastic Caketober! Which fabulous outfit will you be trying out this year? Tell us by tweeting @Caketober!

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