I am a coffee shop / restaurant / bar / eaterie / cake purveyor

“How can I help?” we hear you ask…

Last year, we saw great success by getting some of Manchester’s independent coffee shops, restaurants and eateries involved and we’d like this year to be bigger and better than ever…fundraising for Forever Manchester and getting you some good PR at the same time!

There are a number of ways you can get involved – it can be as simple as selecting a cake from your menu and making a small donation every time one is sold during October, making a bespoke cake just for Caketober or going all-out and holding a special Caketober themed event.

These are just some suggestions and we’d love to hear any ideas you may have. There is obviously nothing to stop you from adding a little mark-up too so that it’s not affecting your bottom line…

How will Caketober support me?

We’re happy to support in whatever way we can – we have a range of promotional posters which you could use in-store and this year we’re going to make a map of the ‘Cake Trail of Manchester’ which will feature every venue that chooses to get involved.

Forever Manchester and Caketober are very active across social media and we’d be keen to promote your involvement to the great and good of Manchester.

Finally, we’re introducing a little friendly competition into the mix and whichever coffee shop raises the most during October will be in the running for a prize!

We really hope you can rise to the challenge – please get in touch with Cheryl@forevermanchester.com or Samantha.Bell@theeword.co.uk and we’d be delighted to chat further.

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