Caketober 2017: How Can You Help?

Caketober 2017: How Can You Help?

The Great British Bake Off is back (Mary Berry-less, but nevertheless it’s back). And guess what else is back? CAKETOBER! I.e. baking meets fancy dress meets fundraising. Just think: Mel and Sue dressed as Batman and Robin raising money for a great cause. And that great cause is Forever Manchester – a charity that raises money to support, inspire, and encourage communities throughout Manchester.

Whether you’re the next replacement for Mary Berry, the winner of all the best fancy dress awards, or simply just enjoy good cake, then you can all help out, and here’s how:

Ready, set, bake!

Go on, show us your kneading skills and get those buns in the oven. Get baking some delicious and tasty looking cakes to put on your own bake sale to raise funds for Forever Manchester. We don’t mind what you bake (save a slice for us), as long as you bake!

By treating your office to your hidden baking skills, you’re not only helping to raise money for a good cause, but you’re also boosting morale in work. Who doesn’t love an iced bun on a Wednesday afternoon, right?

To spice things up a little, why not run a little competition? Whose cake is the best decorated? Whose is the worst decorated? Whose is the tastiest? We’re running our own competition for the best bakes, so don’t let the office next door be crowned the Caketober champions. Oh, don’t worry, Paul Hollywood won’t be anywhere near the judging table…

Ready, set, dress!

It’s not all about the size of someone’s tarts (although it could play a factor) – it’s also about your creativity when it comes to dressing up. Getting your whole office involved will really help to spread the word about Caketober, and will hopefully help us raise even more money!

Here’s a few fancy dress ideas to get you started, but let’s see those imaginations flow. Set your office a theme to encourage everyone to take part, and even egg on the offices next door to get involved. What better way to start work than be stuck in a lift with a cowboy, a superhero, and a character from Game of Thrones?

Ready, set, eat!

Now, where would we be without those who actually got up and bought the cakes their colleagues have baked? Nowhere. Whether you’re after a slice of cake, a pastry, or had your eyes on your colleague’s buns for a while, now’s your chance. Get spending, get eating, and let’s keep raising money for Forever Manchester.

Don’t just buy one either; let’s buy a few and keep the baking and caking going all week. Try a little of everything and then you’ll get the final say over whose baking was the best. Move over, Simon Cowell – there’s a new judge in town.

Ready, set, sell!

It’s not just offices that can help out. Hey you, yeah you with the cool, hip coffee shop, we need you too! Fancy being a part of the ‘cake trail of Manchester’? Of course you do! Whether you simply nominate a cake from your menu to be the honorary Caketober entry and ask buyers for a donation, or you create your own Caketober recipe, or you even throw your very own Caketober event, it all helps.

To say thank you for your help, Forever Manchester will also give you a little helping hand on the PR front with your coffee shop all over social media. Plus, let’s not forget that the coffee shop that raises the most money will win a prize! And we all love a good prize…

Ready, set, share!

Whether you’re a tweeter, a facebooker, a snapchatter, or even a diehard linkedinner – share, share, share. Sharing all things Caketober on your social profiles will help to raise awareness of the great fundraising you’re doing.

Perfect those Instagram photos to share your tasty treats, and get those snapchat filters at the ready to show off the length of your cape. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Caketober too. Good luck and happy baking!

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