The benefits for companies that act charitably

The benefits for companies that act charitably

Here at Caketober, we urge companies to sign up and take part in our Caketober challenge. Not only because doing so raises money for Forever Manchester, but also because it provides real benefits for your company.

It’s true. Some people believe that there’s no such thing as an altruistic act. Whilst this view may be cynical, there is some truth in it.

Studies have shown that performing a philanthropic turn can lift the mood and well-being of the individual performing the act.

With this in mind, let’s examine the business benefits to be enjoyed by companies that throw themselves into helping others.

1) Increasing sales

That’s what most people are hired for: to help the company increase the number of sales they make. A great way of doing this is through charity work.

Research suggests that 90% of consumers would switch to a brand that supported a good cause.

If providing a helping hand to those in need isn’t enough to convince your bosses to take part in Caketober, maybe achieving an ROI that’s more appetising than the cakes will convince them.

2) More networking opportunities

By offering charitable support, a business can dramatically enhance its own networking connections.

When teaming up charitably with local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, and the wider community too, a business will quite often develop strong relationships – relationships that could prove difficult to make in other circumstances.

Who knows, one of these new connections could lead to future business for your company. Stranger things have happened.

3) Getting your name out there

Engaging in charitable acts and being seen as a company that takes its CSR seriously is a great way to get your brand and its message out there.

If you sponsor a charity event, it’s highly likely that the event (and with it, your sponsorship) will be picked up by the media.

This could lead to the following things:

  • People hearing about your company who haven’t before
  • Your company being viewed in a positive light (which, as we’ve established, makes consumers more likely to purchase from you)
  • You get your brand message out there in the press and explain why your company has aligned to the charity (or charities) of your choice

What’s more, by sharing pictures of your team’s charitable efforts on your social media channels and blog, you’ll have a genuine reason to communicate with your target audience in a way that will endear you to them.

4) Boosting employee morale

As well as helping individuals to feel good about themselves, acts of benevolence also help to improve the mood of a workplace.

Completing a charitable act will make an employee feel good about themselves, proud of where they work, and more connected to their employers and colleagues.

In fact, companies that put emphasis on giving back tend to have strong connections with their employers and are less likely to look for other work.

Surely, then, doing something good for the local community that also increases the tenure of your employees at the same time is well worth considering.

Sign your company up today!

So, if you like the sound of these benefits, want to have fun with your colleagues, and raise some money for a good cause at the same time, sign up for Caketober this year.

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