What is Forever Manchester?

What is Forever Manchester?

This year sees Caketober proudly celebrating its fifth year of cake-baking, fancy-dress making, and having a laugh all in the name of raising money for Forever Manchester.

Over the years, we at Caketober have raised over £20,000 for the charity, and we hope that this year we’ll smash all previous records.

As we regularly get asked where the money raised by Caketober ends up, we thought we’d shine a light on Forever Manchester and discuss the organisation, where donations go to, and some of the brilliant work that it’s already done.

Forever Manchester – the lowdown

Established in 1989, Forever Manchester promises to support charitable causes ‘The Mancunian Way’.

In their own words, Forever Manchester state their aim is “to fund and support a huge range of activities that help young people, older people and disabled people, as well as homelessness, sports, environmental, education, and cancer support projects, plus everything in between.

Rather than issue handouts, Forever Manchester gives a helping hand to those who are looking to improve their communities but need a little guidance or support.

Forever Manchester will help, for example, a dad who’s looking to set up a football team because he’s noticed kids playing out in the streets. Another example would be a local gardener who would like to set up a community area in their town or village.

Things like this – things that bring people together as one – are what makes Manchester the special place that it is.

You can feel a sense of local pride and community spirit that runs throughout the core of the charity; it can even be felt in their motto:

“Forever Manchester is a charity that raises money to fund and support community activity across Greater Manchester. We help local people do extraordinary things together.”

This is the place

The charity’s commitment to Manchester can best be felt in ‘This Is The Place’ – the poem that organisation commissioned Tony Walsh to compose to promote the charity, but more importantly, the city in which it operates.

Where does the money go?

Forever Manchester makes some guarantees to its patrons.

It guarantees:

  • 100% of all money raised will stay in Greater Manchester and support the neighbourhoods and communities that make this place so great.
  • To keep supporters informed about where their money goes.

To keep good on their pledge, they showcase who they have helped on their website.

Their support has helped with:

  • The renovation of The Moston Miners’ Club – turning it from a derelict shell into a thriving community centre.
  • The establishment of The Frank Cohen Centre – the only centre in Greater Manchester that exists specifically to deal with alcoholism.
  • The funding of Safety4Sisters – a Manchester-based charity that helps vulnerable migrant women who cannot access safe accommodation or are facing gender-based violence.

Here is a full list of the support Forever Manchester has given to Greater Manchester initiatives.

Help us to help others

So, that’s why we support Forever Manchester and we’re glad that we do.

If you like the sound of having fun with your colleagues and raising money for some amazing Mancunian causes at the same time, sign up for Caketober.

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